Our Story

4th Amendment Rights

Currently in America and many other countries citizens are unfortunately dealing with very weak privacy laws which have an adverse affect on their freedoms. There really should be an outcry since your 4th amendment rights have been compromised – yet again. Remember this, if the government and big tech can spy on you and see your personal data, so can the cyber criminals! Previous FBI director, James Comey said “there is no such thing as absolute privacy in America”. Well that’s comforting. So without internet privacy our freedoms and digital security will continue to be compromised by cyber attacks occurring at alarming rates. Rest assured, we protect your 4th amendment rights!

CyberSecurity today

With weak privacy legislation comes weakened cyber security as we are witnessing almost everyday as cyber attacks successfully breach homes, businesses, companies and government agencies. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden also alerted the world to this trend by exposing the NSA’s intent to collect data while paying no regard for one’s rights to privacy due in part to the weakened cyber security protocols. Rest assured, our cyber protection is top notch – the best in the world.

Security Flaws in Software, Devices and Smart phones

According to the whistleblower organization, the CIA did not inform the companies about the security issues of their products; instead held on to security bugs in software and devices, including iPhones, Android phones, and Samsung TVs, that millions of people around the world rely on.

The security vulnerabilities and attacks against our online freedoms led to the founding of PrivacyAbroad, GmbH in 2011. Rest assured, we take these threats against our freedoms seriously and are committed to helping our customers regain their online privacy and security by offering a full line of Swiss-based online protection services including, Secure Email, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Swiss Safe document/username/password storage and Domain Email/Web hosting.

Your data and crypto currencies are Under Attack

Privacy and Freedom go hand in hand which means we all must do what we can to protect ourselves without relying on governments or even our “IT guy” for protection since for example, the 31,000 IT professionals at YAHOO failed to protect 1 billion users information – three times!

Cybercriminals are aggressively using malware, key logging viruses, phishing emails, ransomware and are attacking the cryptocurrency communities worldwide successfully stealing hundreds of millions in digital coins each year! They have already hacked exchanges such as Mt. Gox for $400 million in Bitcoin and Coincheck for $500 million worth of coins and are also breaching many E-wallets by compromising weak passwords and “free” unsecured email accounts. Rest assured, we know exactly how to protect your cryptocurrencies!

Message from our Founder

Thank you for visiting our website. PrivacyAbroad began 7 years ago in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland as an online privacy company geared toward protecting homes and businesses. What’s remarkable is that the need for internet users to protect their personal data is more urgent today than ever before! Today, when you use the internet you engage yourself, your family and business in a cyber war and must be protected. This protection can only be accomplished by using strong privacy laws and the best engineered security protocols possible. The exact protection we have been providing our customers with since 2011.

Unfortunately, many government agencies are collecting your data, the majority of tech companies are more interested in capturing and selling your personal data today than actually protecting it and have weakened security protocols to accomplish this which allows cyber criminals to have a field day – everyday. This is easily evidenced by the data breaches reported every week against large corporations and governments who employ some of the brightest IT employees available but yet are unable to stop these breaches. So until big tech companies and agencies stop their collection of users personal data and cyber criminals stop exploiting weakened software/hardware vulnerabilities you must take a stand by storing and protecting your personal data in servers shielded by the strongest data protection legislation in the world. Engineered in Switzerland – sold by a devoted team of Affiliates throughout the United States of America. With PrivacyAbroad, you can be sure your digital data is safe from anyone wanting to retrieve or steal your information. So for private data storage and protection from everything from email, online browsing to crypto currency wallet/exchange login details, we have done our homework and offer the best solutions in the world for homes, businesses and enterprises. Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you soon.


David Boron
PrivacyAbroad, GmbH