PrivacyAbroad FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

PrivacyAbroad is the exclusive marketer of Swiss based reliable email service, VPN and data storage.  Privacy is not only a human right but it is also required to survive in a competitive business world.  Despite all the privacy statements that you will find in the Internet we believe that only a direct commitment to the customer guarantees compliance with the privacy agreement.  We are highly motivated to provide the best services and are pleased to use the ultra strong data laws that exist in Switzerland to ensure the privacy and ultimately the security of our customers.
The strictest data privacy laws in the world.  With strong privacy laws people can enjoy stronger cyber security which is precisely what is needed today.  Privacy laws are enshrined in their constitution and access to electronic communications stored in Swiss servers requires an official warrant issued by a Swiss Judge.
Companies headquartered within the USA offer the consumer no expectation of privacy for their data.  This is proven by 2 “private email” companies closing their doors as a result of this reality.  One of the companies was Lavabit headquartered in Texas and the other was Silent Mail.  The Lavabit owner posted the following statement on his WEBSITE after closing his 11 year old company in 2014 leaving 411,000 customers without a secure email service “I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States”.   Besides, IT “Security” protocols based in the States have obviously failed to protect homes, businesses, enterprises and even possibly our Voting system! 
We are substantially different!  We don’t watch your personal information but instead help you communicate securely and store your data yourself without us being able to see anything, anytime.  By properly securing your data, you keep it from getting into the wrong hands including the employees with the companies monitoring your credit.  We are of the opinion that people should never give their personal information such as date of birth, social security number and bank account numbers to any company to just monitor.  Instead, we recommend people take the responsibility to know what is going on with their own financial accounts and credit profile and hiring us to make sure their personal information stays private and secure so know one sees it.
We offer a total business start up to serious entrepreneurs. There are 2 Affiliate options, a complete Affiliate package for $385 per year and a Swiss Safe Affiliate option for $85 per year. Affiliate option details are located under our Business tab. All Affiliates are required to have or establish their own registered company in order to receive commissions.
Affiliates earn 20% commission off services sold.  25% commission is paid if more than 10 sales are made and 30% if more than 25 sales are made in any given month.  We also offer a founders contract for Affiliates who have at least 500 customers cumulative.  They are generously compensated with a 5% bonus pool of company wide sales.  We pay commissions each month by Bank wire or Bitcoin.
It is the website name each Affiliate chooses in the enrollment process that is used in the marketing of their business.  Affiliates can also use a direct link from their current website and/or have their own website built in their chosen domain name as well.
Yes. We only work with providers that have a proven track record for quality, integrity and commitment. Our providers have a minimum of 10 years experience.
This is highly unlikely as we are a debt free and profitable company with plans to offer our solutions well into the future.  But if this were to occur ALL of your Private Email and Swiss Safe would remain on Swiss servers and all customers would continue to do business direct with our vendor/partners.  Our founder also has a business continuance plan in place that ensures PrivacyAbroad would continue to operate well into the future long after he passes away.
We plan to always stay innovative in what we currently offer and what we need to bring to the marketplace for secure online protection.  Register as a user to receive our monthly newsletters to stay informed on our solutions and any new offerings in the future. 
Yes. We have a support website complete with tutorials and instructions for all PrivacyAbroad customers. We also offer live screen share training that reviews all of our solutions for our customers.