Cyber Secure Basic

From: $211.00

Privacy and Cybersecurity solutions at a discount! Annual subscription.

$211.00 for 1 year
$235.00 for 1 year


The Cyber Secure Package is perfect for the home or business wanting the best cybersecurity protection! Includes the Secure Email – 500MB, VPN and our Swiss Safe (20 GB) together at a discount.

Cyber Secure Plus includes our Secure Email – 1GB,  VPN and Swiss Safe (20 GB) together at a discount.

The Cyber Secure Enterprise is perfect for those who desire full protection! Includes the Secure Email – 500MB, VPNSwiss Safe (20 GB) and our new Silent Phone App (100 minute plan) together at a discount.  All 4 services offered are designed to compliment each other giving the user maximum internet and phone protection.