Virtual Private Network (VPN) FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need additional software or hardware to use our service.  It uses native settings in your Windows or MAC operating system.  When you connect to the VPN, you will be able to browse the Internet safely with encryption.
While a VPN will assist in protecting your emails in transit it will not help in protecting the emails you have in your inbox or stored in folders.  A VPN is used to protect your online browsing only. If you want your emails, address books, online usernames, passwords and other documents protected you need to use a secure email and secure data storage service using servers in countries like Switzerland that have strong data legislation.  See the Private Email and Swiss Safe FAQs pages for more details.
You can install the VPN on multiple devices and can connect to 2 devices simultaneously using our open VPN. 
Yes we do with our open VPN. This is a great option for large families or small businesses that are using multiple devices simultaneously and want the protection for each device. You can select the best option for your needs HERE.
Yes. But for enhanced protection, we recommend that our customers use Duck Duck Go since they do not log any of your searches. So whether you decide to change from your preferred search engine or not, simply connect to the VPN and browse with protection from Hackers or unwarranted surveillance. Our VPNs service extends your private network across the Internet, establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, encryption, or a combination of the two.
Fraudulent customers beware as you will NOT be tolerated!  What cyber criminals tend to do is connect to one IP, disconnect, and then reconnect with another just to carry out their scams and unlawful activities.  This puts the reputation of our services at stake, keeps the servers busy in authentication and makes genuine customers that are already connected or need to connect, face service troubles.  To avoid such threats, we have a policy where, if any customer exceeds an undisclosed amount of sessions per day, his/her account will be automatically disabled, we will research the situation and then decide if we need to terminate the account or not.
Yes. You need an existing Internet connection to access your VPN connection that runs through our servers. Note that your VPN connection needs to be turned on (“connected”) each time your system is started or restarted.
Using a PrivacyAbroad VPN every time you browse the internet protects your privacy.  You also get the benefit of spoofing your real location which thwarts cyber criminals and IP trackers.
A VPN transmits all your data through an encrypted tunnel to a server; that tunnel keeps any third party out of your data for the whole time it’s traveling back and forth. Our VPN service is able to do this for you because voice-based data is no different to any other data you send on a regular basis.
Go to the PERSONAL Tab.  Select the service you would like to sign up for and proceed to the payments page.  Upon payment you will receive a confirmation Email with your VPN download instructions.  Your PrivacyAbroad VPN will be active within 24 hours from the time of your order.
You do not need a high-end system, as basic home computers are enough.  You can set up and connect to our VPN on any computer, tablet or smartphone.  No additional software is required to use our VPN service as we utilize the VPN feature already in your operating system.  Once you signup, we will email you how to download our VPN app for your specific device.  It’s very easy even for the most novice computer user!
With our Open VPN you are able to connect to 35 different server IPs around the world. The servers do not collect or store any of your browsing information so you are safe to choose your desired country from our easy to use VPN control panel.  Server Countries: Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, Malaysia, Ireland, UK, Panama, Canada, Costa Rica, USA, Australia, Turkey, France, Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Italy, Bulgaria.
There is nothing for “free”. If a VPN is free then your personal information is paying the costs. VPN’s that are either free or cheap are far inferior to our high quality Swiss VPN’s. The only reason VPN’s are free or cheap is because of the vulnerabilities and back doors built in to gain access to your computer without your knowledge.